The Design of each TechnoGroup project insures the final product delivered, not only meets but exceeds expectations. The team’s designs stem from the architectural space that will be equipped, meet all aesthetic standards, and take best advantage of all available space.  All project designs are produced to help clients envision the complete project…right down to the rack level, with each rack engineered and equipment organized, to be as stable and user-friendly as possible.

TechnoGroup always stays abreast the latest developments in technologies and new products, looking well into the future of the A/V Industries and Suppliers, designing projects which are state-of-the-art for years after completion.  All of the group’s designs take into account the restrictions and working environment of each installations Industry, and each system is engineered in house from its own wiring drawing, assuring all LES materials are integrated within Architect / Yard General Arrangement Drawings, and Floor and Ceiling Plans.