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As a systems integrator, TechnoGroup addresses the technical needs of the Audiovisual, Broadcast, and Entertainment Industries. TechnoGroup can supply any size project, even if it’s simply a consulting job. Many customers have their own logistics companies arranging delivery, and a crew of qualified technicians installing the equipment. In this instance, the role of TechnoGroup is to assist our customers in identifying the right equipment for their particular need or application, source the product, and supply it.  Please browse through our Line Card for a list of the Manufacturers we work with. Or simply contact our office to request a quote for the products you might need.

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360 Systems Players
Evertz Video Matrix
Alcorn Signal Routing Systems and Multiview
McBride Media Players
Analog Way Presentation Switchers
Atlona Baluns
Avid DAs
Aspera Full Avis Suite
Barco Projectors, Video Walls, Collaboration
BUF System Router Control
Blonder Tongue TV Distribution Products, Broadband Systems Equipment
Broadcast Pix Switchers
Chief Manufacturing Display Mounting Systems
Christie Projectors
Clarity Visual Systems Digital Display Solutions and Signage
Denon Players, Receivers
DLS TV Distributor Products
Draper Movie Screens
Eiki Video Projector
Elbex CCTV Products
FM Systems A/V Baseband Products, CCTV Products
Fujinon Camera Lenses
LG / Zenith LCD Displays, Plasma Displays
Extron A/V Routing System, Switchers
Kramer Electronics Switchers
Leightronix Video Control Systems and Players
Naval Antenna Products
Norsat International TV Distribution Products
Panasonic Cameras, Control, Projectors and Displays
PESA Matrix Routers
Pelco CCTV Products
Presentation Switchers Presentation Switchers
Snell and Wilcox Convertors
Sony Cameras, Displays, Control and Switchers
Switronix Wireless Video, Batteries, Camera Lights
Telestream Create, Ingest, Transcode, Caption Inspect and Deliver Software Solutions
Utah Scientific Matrix Routers
AKG Headphones, Microphones
Anchor Portable Sound Systems
Apogee Sound Amplifiers, Speakers
Ashly Audio Digital Equalizers, Mixers, Processors
Atlas Sound Loudspeakers
Audio Technica Phono Cartridges, Headphones, Microphones
Audix Microphones
Bag End Loudspeakers
Behringer Consoles and Snakes
Beyer Dynamic Microphones
Biamp Advantage Mixers
Bose Speakers, Amplifiers
Boston Acoustics Speakers
BSS Audio Signal Processors
Camco Amplifiers
Clearcom Intercom Products
Cloud Electronics Amplifiers, Mixers, Zoners
Community Speakers
Countryman Microphones, Ear Sets
Crest Audio Amplifiers, Consoles, Speakers, Control Products
Crown Amplifiers, Microphones
CT Audio Microphones
D.A.S Speakers, Drivers, Horns & Sound Products
DBX Digital rocessors, noise reduction and EQ products
Denon Professional CD Players, EQ, Amplifiers & Speakers
DiGiCo Audio Consoles
DNH Speakers: Weatherized, Explosion-Proof, Water-Proof, etc.
DPA Microphones Microphones
EAW Speakers
Electrovoice Amplifiers, Speakers, Microphones
Extron Switchers, Distribution Amplifiers
Fender Amps and Instruments
Gallien Krueger Bass Amps
Gemini DJ Products
Genelec Studio Loudspeakers
Gold Line Audio Test & Analysis Equipment, Marine Electronics
Hose MC Cann Telephones, Shipboard Marine Telecom Systems
Klark Teknik Equalizers
Kramer Electronics Processors, Switchers & Cables
L-Acoustics Sound Reinforcement Systems
Lexicon Surround Processors, Controllers, A/V Components
Lowell Racks, Speakers, Grilles, Back-boxes, Volume Controls
Mackie Consoles, Mixers, Speakers, Amplifiers, Studio Monitors
Meyer Sound Professional Sound Products
Numark DJ Products
One Systems Weatherized speakers
OWI Outdoor Weatherized Speakers
Oxmoor Professional Audio Controllers, Mixers, Amplifiers
Panasonic Professional and Consumer Products
Peavey Architectural Sound
Philips Consumer Audio Products, Public Address Systems
QSC Amplifiers, Speakers
Rane Commercial Audio Products
Roland Instruments and amps
Russound A/V Distribution & Control Systems, Speakers
Sabine Digital Audio Products, Microphones, Music Accessories
Sennheiser Microphones, Headphones, Wireless Equipment
Shure Microphones, earphones and monitoring
Stanton DJ Products
Symetrics Processors, Limiters, Compressors
TC Electronics Equalizers, Processors
Tannoy Speakers
Tascam/ Teac Professional and Consumer Products
Technomad Loudspeakers
TOA Public Address System, Speakers, Amplifiers, Mixers
Turbosound Speakers
University Sound Speakers
XTA Electronics Equalizer, Line Distribution, DSP Processors
Yamaha Consoles, Speakers, Amps, DSP
Alkalite LED Fixtures
Antari Smoke and haze
Chauvet Fixtures and Controls
RVE Lighting Dimming Systems
Elation/Acclaim Fixtures and Controls
ETC Fixtures and Consoles
High End Fixtures and Control
Jands Consoles, Dimmers & Electronics
Optiled LED Fixture
Laserworld Laser Fixtures and Software
Le Maitres Smoke and Haze
Look Solutions Smoke and Haze
Lycian Follow Spots
Lyte Quest Pro Lighting Effects
Martin Fog and Haze Machine, Stage Lighting
NSI- Leviton Lighting Control Systems, Dimmers
Tempest Lighting Weatherized Lighting Enclosures
Wybron Stage Lighting Technology, Changers, Dowsers
Chauvet Fixtures and Controls
Elation/Acclaim Fixtures and Controls
Martin Weatherized Lighting
Neon Cold Cathode
RVE Dimming Systems
Technodelta Lighting Features

FSRFloor and Table Boxes

Atlas Sound Racks, Boom Stand, Cables, and Connectors
Chief Display Mounting Systems
Comprehensive Cables, Connectors
DLS Connectors
Extron A/V System Products
Look Solutions Fog and Haze Machines
Middle Atlantic Racks & Enclosures
RDL (Radio design Labs) Signal Management
Rose Brand Theatrical Stage Draperies and Supplies
Motivated Design Lift Systems
MyliftTV TV Lifts
Sound & Leisure Juke-Boxes
Switchcraft Connectors, Jacks, Plugs, Cable Assemblies, Patch Cords, and Switches
Video Furniture International Carts, Podiums, Lecterns, Accessories
Whirlwind Cables, Digital Audio Products
Xantech Remote Control Systems
AMX Control Systems
Crestron Control Systems
Leightronix Video Control Systems
Richmond Sound Design Show Control
Meyer Sound Show Control